Puppy Classes (dogs under 12 months)

Not all classes are offered every session. Please fill out a CLASS INTEREST FORM online HERE to start the class sign-up process. If you have questions and are not ready to sign up for a class yet you can email info@gfdtc.org Check upcoming class schedules on our calendar.


Puppy Kindergarten
Age:  Under 6 months of age
Length:  7 Weeks –  45 minutes per class
Prerequisite:  None
Cost: $75 or $80 (to add AKC Star Puppy Certification Test)
Class Description: The class has three components – socialization,
puppy obedience, and confidence building
using various types of surfaces. Orientation Handout: If you registered for Puppy Kindergarten click here for your Puppy Kindergarten Orientation Handout.

Puppy Plus
Ages:   6-12 months of age
Length:  6 weeks
Prerequisite:  Puppies have never taken a class before.
Cost: $75
Notes: This class gives handling ideas building on obedience while introducing your puppy to safe agility equipment and bonding skills.

Puppy Advanced
Ages:  over 6 months of age.
Length:  6 weeks
Prerequisite:  Successful completion of either Puppy Kindergarten or Puppy Plus
Cost: $75
Notes: The class will advance dog and handler skills and solutions for common problems.