Fast Cat Fun Runs

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The Grand Forks Dog Training Club is excited to introduce a new offering of FAST CAT Fun Runs.

Have you ever wondered how fast your dog can run? Well, wonder no more! Fast CAT is a new dog sport sweeping the nation, and it’s the perfect way to test your dog’s speed and agility. In AKC Fast CAT, dogs race one at a time down a 100-yard track, chasing a lure. Fast CAT is open to all dogs, regardless of breed. So whether you have a speedy greyhound or a playful Pomeranian, Fast CAT is a great way to get your dog moving and have fun. In addition to being a great way to exercise your dog, Fast CAT is also a great way to socialize your dog and meet other dog lovers. AKC Fast CAT events are held nationwide, so you’re sure to find one near you. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a Fast CAT fun runs with GFDTC and see how fast your dog can run! Learn more about AKC FAST CAT here–>

How to sign up for a fun run at the GFDTC:

  • You’ll need to reserve your drop-in spot in advance.  Sign-up ONLINE IN ADVANCE. We ask that if you reserve a slot and cannot attend, you remove your sign-up using the same link.
  • Each drop-in costs $10 per session for each dog and includes approximately 5 minutes of course time or at least three attempts at completing the course.
  • Please be prepared to sign a waiver and bring your payment. Onsite payment options are cash, checks (payable to GFDTC), or via our PayPal when you arrive.
  • Runs are available this evening, and additional dates and times will be added as possible. For future AST CAT, Fun Runs, check the Grand Forks Dog Training Club calendar—>
  • Fast Cat runs will occur outside the GFDTC building at 6801 Demers Ave, Grand Forks, ND. It has a blue roof. The Fast Cat area is at the back of the building.

What to bring to a Fast CAT event:

The list of necessary dog training equipment for Fast CAT is minimal compared to other dog sports. However, there are some items you will need to bring to be able to participate successfully:

  • Collar. The collar should be a comfortable fit and, crucially for safety, should have no tags hanging. You may wish to use a separate collar entirely for Fast CAT events.
  • Leash/Leashes. You will need a leash (no flexi leashes) to ensure your dog is under control before and after their Fast CAT run. Dogs must enter and exit the course on a leash.
  • Water and treats. It is important to ensure your dog is fully hydrated before participating in a Fast CAT event. In addition, treats can be used to reward your pup after they have completed the course.
  • A friend. Bringing a friend (ideally someone comfortable handling your dog) is very beneficial in Fast CAT. As the dog’s owner, you will typically stand at the end of the course to encourage your dog down the track and catch them when they have finished their run – so you will need someone who can release your dog at the start line. Although other handlers may be able to help, there is no guarantee of this, and only one dog is allowed in the lure coursing area at a time. Bringing a friend mitigates any potential problems here.
  • Enthusiasm. Fast CAT is lots of fun for you and your dog! An enthusiastic disposition will not only increase your enjoyment of the event, but it is also likely to encourage your dog to run more quickly as they sprint towards you.
  • Fast Cat runs will occur outside, so bring water for your dog and prepare for any bugs or weather.

Additional Requirements:

  • All dogs must be under handler control outside the fenced run area.
  • Dogs must be respectful of fence barriers. Our fencing is approximately 4 feet tall, and although secure, it is not inescapable to a dog who is capable of climbing, jumping, or burrowing under a fence.
  • Dogs must not be aggressive to strangers as the lure operator or volunteers may be inside the fenced running area.
  • Dogs must be 12 months old or older and in good health.