pawWhat classes do you offer?

If there are any aggression or safety concerns, group classes with other dogs may not be the best class option for you! If you have needs relating to aggression or bite concerns please contact us to determine if our classes are a good fit at

Not all classes are offered every session.

How can I sign up for classes?

  1. Fill out a CLASS INTEREST FORM online HERE. The online form is NOT a guarantee of class placement, but will get you on our waiting list.
  2. You should receive a follow up from the registration coordinator as an EMAIL verifying receipt of the request within one week of your submission. Check your spam folder if you do not see one.
  3. When we have an opening, we will fill it in the order we received each request. You will receive a class offer email that will contain information about your class, noting date, time, and payment instructions.
  4. If the timeslot and payment options work for you, REPLY to the email to accept the class spot and complete PAYMENT. If the timeslot does not work for you or you need to wait for alternative reasons, you can reply DECLINE and be placed back on the waiting list.
  5. To complete payment you can use the instructions in the email.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email closer to the start of class with your class details from your instructor.

Not all classes are offered every session. If you have questions and are not ready to sign up for a class yet you can email Check upcoming class schedules on our calendar.

Who teaches classes?
All instructors of the GFDTC are volunteers who are experienced trainers with their own dogs and also actively compete and participate in the dog training community. They donate their time for classes, unpaid to ensure that the GFDTC meets its goal of fostering opportunities for community education. Our membership competes in dog shows, agility, scentwork, rally, obedience, tricks, or train dogs for fun. . We are people who enjoy not only training our dogs but also educating the people in our communities about effectively communicating with their dogs. 

Do I have to have a purebred dog or want to compete?
Absolutely not! Our members, trainers, and those that take classes do so for various reasons. Some like to compete, but most are just looking for a fun way to interact and bond with their dog. And if you have aspirations for competition, you do not have to have a purebred dog to compete in most events. If you want to create a better bond with your dog or are interested in competing, we have something for every dog and handler team!

When are classes offered?
As our trainers are volunteers and donate their time, most of our classes are held in the evenings on weekdays at 5:30 p.m. or later. Occasionally there might be a class on a Saturday or Sunday, but it is not common. When you receive your class offer email it will note the date, time, and cost of the class. If the timeslot works for you, then reply back to accept. Because class length varies, either 4 or 6 weeks, we usually try to start a new session every few months. Some specialty classes may only be offered once or twice a year.

What do classes cost?
Class terms vary depending on the trainer and specific level. 6/7 week classes cost $80 and 4-week classes are $55.

When do classes start?
Class offerings vary based on volunteer instructors, but we tend to start sessions each month. Class terms vary from 4 or 6 weeks. Class placement is based on the availability of the class and the location of each request on the waitlist. Most classes do have a waitlist of several months. Payment must be received by the specified deadline to secure your class spot.

Private LessonsWe are not currently offering private lessons at this time. $90/series of 4 – 30 minute sessions

Canine Good Citizen, AKC Trick Dog Testing, AKC Agility Course Testing (ACT), Obedience and Scentwork Trials are offered periodically. Check the Calendar for an upcoming session or email the registration coordinator at to be added to the information list when those opportunities come up!

What do I need to agree to to participate in a class?
To participate you would need to agree to any terms outlined in your offer email, including the Consent Agreement. You will check that you acknowledge this in your class sign-up, as well as in your offer email: I consent that photographs or videos taken while involved in Grand Forks Dog Training Club activities may be used or reproduced by the Grand Forks Dog Training Club for educational promotional purposes, including news/social media and publications. On behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assignees: I hereby waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages which I may have against the Grand Forks Dog Training Club, its Board of Directors, Officers, Members, Training Director and Training Staff, as well as any others connected with this class or event, their heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assignees for any and all injuries which I and/or any member of my family and/or friends, or my dog may suffer or cause while taking part in this class or event or as a result thereof.

Still not sure which is the best class for you?
Email our Registration Coordinator at for information or advice.