SOME classes, with reduced enrollment, have started to resume at the GFDTC. Not all classes have returned.

Due to the presence of COVID in the Grand Forks Area, we are taking the following precautions:
  • All instructors and students will be required to wear masks
  • Only one person will be allowed to attend class with each dog
  • Limit the number of belongings that you bring to class and use your designated spot to leave them while you are in class
  • Follow distancing guidelines of 6 ft throughout class
  • We will be sanitizing in between each class

Not all classes are offered every session. After filling out the class interest form you will receive a follow up EMAIL within 7 days with placement information and instructions on how to accept a placement. Some classes and sessions do have waitlists and fill fast! Please make sure to check your E-MAIL for a reply. The CLASS INTEREST FORM is online HERE. If you have questions and are not ready to sign up for a class yet you can email Check upcoming class schedules on our calendar.

What classes do you offer?

How can I sign up for classes?

Step 1) Fill out a CLASS INTEREST FORM online HERE. The online form is NOT a guarantee of class placement.

Step 2) You will receive a follow up E-MAIL from the registration coordinator. The email will either respond with information about your class selection, and if a spot is open in your chosen session then the email will include instructions on payment and accepting the placement.

Step 3) Follow the email instructions to REPLY to accept the class spot and complete PAYMENT. If you do not receive a follow up email do not panic! It could simply be that the registration coordinator is ascertaining the availability of your selected class and might need some time to follow up. If you don’t hear from us and are worried you can also email

Step 4) You will receive a confirmation email closer to the start of class with your class details.

Who teaches classes?
All instructors of the GFDTC are volunteers who are experienced trainers and also actively compete and participate in the dog training community. They donate their time for classes, unpaid, in order to ensure that the GFDTC meets their goal of fostering opportunities for community education. Our membership competes in dog shows, agility, scentwork, rally, obedience, tricks, or just train dogs for fun. . We are people who enjoy not only training our dogs but also educating the people in our communities about effectively communicating with their dogs. 

Do I have to have a purebred dog or want to compete?
Absolutely not! Our members, trainers, and those that take classes do so for a variety of reasons. Some like to compete, but a vast majority are just looking for a fun way to interact and bond with their dog. And if you have aspirations for competition you do not have to have a pure bred dog to compete in most events. If you are looking to create a better bond with your dog or are interested in competing we have something for every dog and handler team!

When do classes start?
Most sessions begin every other month. Class terms vary from 6 or 7 weeks ($75) and some classes are 4 weeks ($50). Class placement is based on availability of the class. Some classes do have a waitlist. Please check your email after submission to see follow up instructions to secure your placement in a class. Payment must be received by the specified deadline to secure your class spot. Exact calendar will be set the session prior, and date and class times are subject to change. View our calendar at

Sessions are:
Jan/Feb (Session 1)
Mar/Apr (Session 2)
May/June (Session 3)
July/August (Session 4)
Sept/Oct (Session 5)
Nov/Dec (Session 6)

What do classes cost?
Class price specifics are listed next to each class description. Classes are $50 for 4 week sessions or $75 for either 6 or 7 week sessions (Optional $5 additional for Puppy Kindergarten STAR Puppy Certification). Payment is made when you are placed in the class. Our registration coordinator will EMAIL you information on class placement, and if a spot is available that matches your request and qualifications then the email will also include instructions for submitting payment. Payment must be received by the date specified or the spot may be released to the next person on the waiting list.

Private Lessons – $90/series of 4 – 30 minute sessions
*Instructors have the option to take on private lessons from their group classes. For behavioral concerns or other questions please contact the registration coordinator at

Canine Good Citizen, AKC Trick Dog Testing, AKC Agility Course Testing (ACT), Obedience and Scentwork Trials are offered periodically. Check the Calendar for an upcoming session or email the registration coordinator at to be added to the information list when those opportunities come up!

Still not sure which is the best class for you?
Email our Registration Coordinator at for information or advice.