Advanced Skills Classes


Not all classes are offered every session. Please fill out a CLASS INTEREST FORM online HERE to start the class sign-up process. If you have questions and are not ready to sign up for a class yet you can email Check upcoming class schedules on our calendar.


Our Advanced Skills classes may require a dog/handler evaluation.

Interested in Agility? Rally? Competition Obedience? Dog tricks? Conformation? Or other upper level course?

At the conclusion of each session trainers in the advanced classes will offer placement evaluation for dogs and handlers wishing to move onto more advanced classes. The testing ensures that dog and handler are ready for the more advanced classes which tend to occur in a more exciting and stimulating environment and may require certain skills to be mastered in order to be successful.  EVALUATION by our advanced class instructors is FREE and will be posted on the calendar and advertised on our Facebook page.

Who can come for an Advanced class evaluation?

  • Dogs that have successfully completed beginner classes at the GFDTC.
  • Dogs that have successfully completed classes at another training facility, but not the GFDTC.

Evaluation will be based on desired path (ex: Agility, Obedience, Tricks, or Rally) and completed by an advanced class instructor.

At the conclusion of the evaluation you will be offered a class option and the opportunity to register that evening or receive information email on later available dates if the next level is full, is not offered, or if the next session is not convenient for you or your dog.

Advanced Skills Class Options (after evaluation or instructor placement)

Basic Manners II (not offered every session)
Ages:   Dogs 8+ months of age
Length:  4 Weeks –  45 minutes per class
Prerequisite: Instructor Evaluation or successful completion of Basic Manners I. Dogs that have taken classes before, but wish to advance skills for dog manners and skills.
Cost: $50
Class Description:
Dog’s and handlers will advance skills needed at home and in training classes. Class provides an additional opportunity for dogs to continue to work through the stress of learning and working in a classroom environment.

Focus and Engagement (not offered every session)
Cost: $50

Notes: This class is offered periodically when there is enough interest.
Class Description:  Class exercises will enhance your bond and  relationship with your dog, and help you teach your dog to be a well behaved family member or improve their performance in many dog sports.  We will teach the basics of a clicker and encourage class participants to try clicker training.

Obedience Skills (not offered every session)
Ages:  (Contact your Instructor)
Prerequisite:  Instructor approval
Cost: $75
Notes:  This class is offered periodically when there is enough interest.
Class Description:  This class is meant for more advanced dogs and handlers interested in continuing to work with their dog, perfecting foundational skills and possibly more interested in obtaining skills necessary for obedience competition. In this class dogs will learn finishes, more advance heel work, position changes for the dog and handler cue work.

Rally Obedience (not offered every session)
Ages: (Contact your Instructor)
Prerequisite: Instructor Approval. Requires Instructor approval. Must have basic understanding of obedience skills: sit, down, stay, come, heeling, and left and right finishes.
Cost: $75
Notes: This class will be offered periodically when there is enough interest
Class Description: AKC Rally is a fun and competitive titling dog sport option. You and your dog, side-by-side, navigate a course of 10-20 different obedience skill signs. Although each performance is timed, having a good race time is not the goal; it’s all about working as a team while performing the skills, with the dog under control.

Rally Coursework
 (Contact your Instructor)
Length:  Drop-In class, scheduled periodically – check the calendar for dates and times.
Prerequisite:  It is expected that students in this class will know how to perform the appropriate exercises  for their level (Novice, Advanced, or Excellent).
Class Description:  This class is designed for handler/dog teams who have completed the Rally Obedience class and want the opportunity to practice doing rally courses and to work on fine-tuning handling skills and  teamwork on or off lead.  Each course will be set up in such a way that it can be run as a Novice, Advanced,  or Excellent level course.