Adult Dog Classes (dogs 1yr +)

Not all classes are offered every session. Please fill out a CLASS INTEREST FORM online HERE to start the class sign-up process. If you have questions and are not ready to sign up for a class yet you can email Check upcoming class schedules on our calendar.

Basic Manners
Ages:  1 year +
Length:  4 weeks
Prerequisite:  None.
Cost: $50
Notes: A class  for the beginners where you will teach your dog foundation skills necessary for learning how to function in a class full of dogs. Dog’s and handlers will learn the basics of sit, lay down, stay, come when called, walk politely on a leash, as well as needed household manners.

Dogs who have basic obedience experience or skills from previous classes can also opt to take one of our Advanced Skills classes. These classes may require an instructor evaluation for placement.