June 2020 Trial Information

As events resume across the country, people need to feel safe while enjoying their dog activities. The AKC has asked clubs to take appropriate precautions for the benefit of their participants. Events are to be held in a manner that emphasizes the safety of participants and event officials over efficiency.

This event may be different than your previous trial experiences. With a situation that is continually evolving, AKC has asked clubs to determine the guidelines that best fit our event and venue.

PRELIMINARY RESULTS will be POSTED BELOW (subject to judge correction)

Regulations for AKC Scentwork, Chapter 3, Section 35. Posting of Preliminary Results. The results from each class shall be posted at the trial location, as soon as is feasible after the conclusion of the class. Placements 1-4 must also be designated for each class. These are preliminary results only, and may change upon review by the judge. If upon the judge’s review any errors are corrected, neither the secretary nor judge have any obligation to find and inform the affected exhibitor(s). 

Final results will be emailed at the conclusion of the trial after the judge approves.

Saturday results (links will be posted once preliminary scores are tallied)

Sunday results (links will be posted once preliminary scores are tallied)